Baltic Sea for Pigheaded People (“Ostsee für Sturköppe”)

Television Film (2023), Director: Joana Vogdt

A sabotage films GmbH Production on behalf of ARD Degeto


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Fotos ©bola/ARD

Eva Jensen is in her early thirties and a carpenter. In Hamburg she performed together with her boyfriend a small carpentry business, but the couple’s relationship broke up and so working together became difficult. Eva is looking for a fresh start and is totally electrified when she hits the internet-advertisement of a workshop in a pretty Baltic Sea town where she spent a wonderful childhood vacation – she wants to see it right away. The workshop and its location are gorgeous! Eva is excited. But there is (of course) a catch – the workshop belongs to a quarreling older couple: Heide Kniepholt wants to sell the ​​workshop, Hinrich Kniepholt is totally surprised. He always builds there his beach chairs and doesn’t want to give that up just yet. Besides, he lives since the separation from Heide there too – where should he go? Eva must come up with something. She bumps on the trail that there was still a secret from GDR times about the separation of Heide and Hinrich. To make matters worse, Eva is not the only one who is interested in the workshop: the brothers Christian and Maik Petersen who own a fish shop in town, want to expand and Hinrichs workshop would be perfect for another venue for them. That Eva and Christian are getting closer doesn’t make the situation any easier.

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